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Digital marketing today is characterised by constant change. As a result, the very businesses that fund the entire market – the brands and the publishers – have lost control.

Because of relentless innovation, many are confused by developments in marketing technology. They can’t keep up with all the links in the ad trading chain that suck value from the money brands invest to reach consumers.

Instead, most of the power and knowledge now rests in the hands of the global agency networks, the digital advertising duopoly, and the multiplicity of adtech vendors.

“We believe it’s time for brands to reclaim control and ownership of digital marketing. It’s time to replace complexity with simplicity. It’s time to swap the vested commercial interests of agencies and vendors with the business objectives of brands.

In short, it’s time to clean up the industry, and we're here to help.”

Ruben Schreurs, CEO Digital Decisions

Our approach

We bring a combination of deep digital expertise, total transparency, and honest pragmatism to the challenges brands and publishers face today. To make digital marketing work in their interests, our consultants help them to navigate the ever-more complex industry structure. This allows them to make the right investments in technology and platforms, and to ensure that their contracts genuinely deliver transparency.

We operate globally

We support our clients from three central hubs in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the United States. Additionally, we deliver on-site projects anywhere in the world when it's needed. Digital marketing knows no borders, and neither do we.


Due to the nature of our services and our commitment to confidentiality, we never share any client or project details. We primarily work with multinational brands in the FMCG, F&B, Electronics and Automotive sectors.

We never work for agencies or technology providers in order to maintain our complete independence.

Pro bono

We provide pro bono advisory board and taskforce services to NGOs, foundations, governments, and educational institutions. We are also closely involved with industry associations that share our aim of cleaning up the industry, and support research and best-practice projects wherever we can, at no charge.

An example initiative in collaboration with the WFA and BVA: www.wfanet.org/dpa


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