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The Digital Marketing ecosystem is cluttered with adtech and service providers, some of which add more value to brands and publishers than others. Getting a rounded overview of the supply chain is vital, from both margins, transparency and ownership perspectives.

The Digital Cost Chain is delivered as a combination of a proprietary assessment tools and an actionable reporting interface, exposing all partners' income both inside and outside contracted agency groups.

Our Digital Cost Chain suite of services includes:

Programmatic Margins

Buying advertising programmatically - and Real Time Bidding in particular - necessarily involves parties beyond the view of most brands and publishers. We help our clients uncover the true media value that is delivered. We do this by unpicking the full value chain in the middle. We run in-platform reviews and ensure access beyond agency or network reporting.

Beyond the AOR

Too often brands rely on a contract with their Agency Of Record with insufficient transparency around fees and performance provided by other entities in the holding group. Our Digital Cost Chain creates a granular view of the full network, and includes recommendations on fees, transparency, and operations to radically improve client-agency partnerships.

Access Assessment

During the assessment phase, we frequently find denial of access to platforms or supplier invoices. By definition, these are red flags. The DCC delivers a full overview of access and transparency risks, together with tailored list of steps to enhance oversight and ownership. We believe all platforms used on an advertiser's behalf should be accessible at least, owned at best.


The ANA and K2 'Media Transparency Initiative created a shockwave among brands globally, and rightly so. The complex and ever-evolving digital ecosystem has spawned a vast number of new ways to make money. These include - but are not limited to: technology mark-ups, digital AVBs/rebates, and technology incentives. The DCC affirms compliance and detects any breaches.

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