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Global Cost Tracker | GCT

Tracking overhead, fees, and media spend globally with local granularity is nearly impossible for many centralised procurement teams at multinationals.

We have created a global cost tracking toolkit that is specifically designed for digital marketing. Our reporting suite delivers full transparency and increased accuracy, with a high level of automation. This allows our clients to benefit from real-time access to the data they need the most.

The core features of the GCT are:

Central monitoring

No matter how many different brands or teams our clients maintain, we deliver a central monitoring environment that aggregates data from the deepest level. This provides a central view of total costs, supplier fees, and media spend. The GCT allows advertisers to break down totals at any level required, making it usable by all levels in an organisation.

Full cost landscape

To make effective decisions on direct partnerships and cost savings, an accurate and up-to-date view of spending figures is required. The GCT includes all digital fees, including ad serving, DSPs, viewability tracking, and agency FTEs. It also provides a global view of spend by type and partner. This provides procurement professionals with an invaluable edge in day-to-day business.

Global decision-making

The GCT is capable of immediately visualising the potential impact of a better-negotiated supplier fee, entering into a direct relationship with a supplier, or building a technology in-house. Central strategic decisions can be made to support the global landscape of teams and brands better, allowing global operations to thrive.


The GCT includes a tailored set of validation features that can be set up to demand sign-off from multiple parties for certain figures, for example from an agency and a direct supplier in case the agency is involved in the billing process. This ensures that the numbers in the GCT can be trusted at all times, and transparency is secured on a global level.

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